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Student Enrolment and Attendance

Enrolment and attendance of students, including admission, levies and fees, the Student Assistance Scheme (STAS), absences, participation, intake areas, student transfers and non-compulsory education. 

Facilities and Assets

Department of Education facilities and assets, including construction and planning, alarm systems, asbestos management, fire safety, sewerage and boundary fences. 

Wellbeing, Behaviour, and Safety

Health and wellbeing of students, including bullying, behaviour management and discipline, drug management, infectious diseases, medication, mandatory reporting, and general health and safety. 

Curriculum and Learning

Student education, including the delivery of the curriculum frameworks including the Early Years Learning Framework, the Australian and Tasmanian curricula, TASC accredited courses, vocational education training (VET), approved learning programs, completion of compulsory education, homework, assessment, moderation and reporting.

​Parents and School Community

School associations, dress code, religious instruction, chaplains, hostels and grievance resolution. 


Administration of the Department of Education staff and students, including right to information, gifts and benefits, public interest disclosures, personal information protection, and event management. 

Ministerial Instructions

All Ministerial Instructions relating to state and non-government schools, being student enrolment, behaviour management, attendance, health and safety, senior secondary education and school associations. 

Information and Communications Technology

The use of technology and devices in the Department of Education, including conditions of use of ICT, web filtering, social media, Bring Your Own Technology and records management. 

Human Resources and Finance

Department of Education functions, and resources for staff including employment and selection guidelines, salary, staff grievance resolution, communications, work health and safety (WHS), corporate cards, expenses, professional learning and qualifications.

Access and Equity

Information on diversity and inclusiveness, including students with disability, gifted students, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) students, English as Additional Language speakers and Aboriginal students. 

Libraries Tasmania Website

State and public library and archive services, including library borrowing and collections, public programs, adult and community education, literacy services, research, information, archive and heritage services. 

Secretary's Instructions

All Secretary’s Instructions relating to state government schools only, being: attending state school after compulsory education; enrolment from outside intake area; unacceptable behaviour; suspension exclusion expulsion or prohibition of students; managing absences that are not authorised; student dress code; school associations; religious instruction; and school levies and charges. 

Records and Document Management

The Department of Education’s records are the corporate memory of the Department, providing evidence of actions and decisions and representing a vital asset to support its functions and operations. Business documents and records are to be managed consistently across all levels and in all areas of the department. Effective disposal of records is an essential part of good records management. The purpose of these procedures is to detail staff responsibilities and accountabilities for the management of the Department’s and its agencies records.  

Policy enquiries

For enquiries concerning Records and Document Management, please contact information.support.services@education.tas.gov.au