Student Enrolment and Attendance

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2/4/2020 10:09 AMDoE Procedure
Acceleration of Gifted Students Procedures1/11/2013Yes1/11/2013extended learning; acceleration; highly able; gifted; Gifted Students; ProcedureTASED-4-2854Procedure
2/24/2020 2:56 PMDoE Policy
Specifies the requirements for a parent or independent youth to apply for an exemption to participate in an Approved Learning Program. 
Application for Exemption from Participation in an Approved Learning Program - Ministerial Instruction No 107/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-InstructionsTASED-1797567314-8196Ministerial Instruction
9/13/2018 9:52 AMDoE Policy
Specifies the circumstances in which a parent of a youth or an independent youth may apply to attend an Approved Learning Program part-time.
Application for Part Time Attendance at an Approved Learning Program - Ministerial Instruction No 117/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-InstructionsTASED-1797567314-8197Ministerial Instruction
9/13/2018 9:53 AMDoE Policy
Application process for a youth or person who is not a child and who has completed his or her Approved Learning Program to enrol at State school for Year 13. It also outlines how such applications are to be assessed by a Principal.
Attending State School after Compulsory Education (Year 13) - Secretary's Instruction No 17/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Secretarys-InstructionTASED-1797567314-8174Secretarys Instruction
9/13/2018 9:54 AMDoE Policy
Sets out the requirements for authorised persons.
Authorising a Person to Act as an Authorised Person for the Purpose of Sections 40(2) and 40(3) - Ministerial Instruction No 57/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-InstructionsTASED-1797567314-8188Ministerial Instruction
2/4/2020 3:45 PMDoE Guideline
Early Entry to School for Children who are Gifted - Cross Sectoral GuidelinesYesProcedure; Gifted StudentsTASED-4-1160Procedure; Policy Supporting Information
8/15/2019 12:39 PMDoE Policy
Sets out the manner for determining whether a State school has the ability to accept out of intake area enrolments, the conditions of the State school’s out of intake area enrolment procedure and criteria to prioritise enrolment.
Enrolment from Outside Intake Area - Secretary's Instruction No 2 7/10/2017Yes7/10/2017intake area; enrolment; Secretarys-Instruction; intakeTASED-1797567314-8187Secretarys Instruction
8/15/2019 12:41 PMDoE Policy
Specifies information requirements to enrol a school-aged child or youth in a state or non-government school, apply for an exemption from enrolment, and enrol home-educated school-aged children or youth at state or non-government schools.
Enrolment of a School Aged Child or Youth - Ministerial Instruction No 17/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-Instructions; Enrolments; YouthTASED-1797567314-8200Ministerial Instruction
1/21/2020 12:30 PMDoE Guideline
Under s89 of the Education Act 2016, a Principal MUST refer to the guidelines when assessing an application for part-time enrolment of a home educated student.
Guidelines for Part-Time Enrolment of a Home Educated Student9/13/2017Yes9/13/2017Home; home-school; enrolment; Guideline; part-timeTASED-1797567314-8504Guideline; Policy Supporting Information
8/15/2019 2:47 PMDoE Procedure
Sets out the processes associated with the assessment, approval and monitoring of a home education program.
Home Education - Ministerial Instruction No 137/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-Instructions; Home; home-school; educationTASED-1797567314-8201Ministerial Instruction; Policy Supporting Information
8/19/2019 4:09 PMDoE Policy
Outlines the processes to be followed in managing the absences not authorised by Part 3 of the Education Act 2016. 
Managing Absences in a State School that are not Authorised by the Education Act (2016) - Secretary's Instruction No 57/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Secretarys-InstructionTASED-1797567314-8195Secretarys Instruction
5/13/2020 12:44 PMDoE Procedure
This model out-of-area enrolment procedure reflects the Department’s policy on enrolment from out-of-area (OOA).
Out-of-Area Enrolment Procedure9/13/2017Yes10/23/2019out of area; model; ProcedureTASED-1797567314-8503Procedure
8/19/2019 8:12 AMDoE Policy
Outlines the process for applications for part-time attendance, and specifies the circumstances in which a parent of a school-aged child, or independent student may apply to attend State and non-government schools on a part-time basis.
Part-Time Attendance at School - Ministerial Instruction No 37/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-Instructions; Attendance; part-timeTASED-1797567314-8202Ministerial Instruction
8/19/2019 12:28 PMDoE Policy
Outlines the processes in managing absences of school students, the information to be included in a referral to the Registrar and how this information will be assessed against the requirements for convening a compulsory conciliation conference. 
Relating to School Student Absences - Ministerial Instruction No 67/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-Instructions; school; STUDENT; absenceTASED-1797567314-8203Ministerial Instruction; Policy Supporting Information
9/9/2019 12:53 PMDoE Guideline
Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) Guidelines8/3/2012Yes8/3/2012levy assistance; fee assistance; levy help; fee help; student assistance scheme; stas; Guideline; student assistanceTASED-4-1255Guideline
4/15/2020 3:03 PMDoE Policy
Specifies the circumstances in which a school-aged child or youth is excused from attendance at school, which are in addition to those circumstances identified in sections 19 and 36 the Education Act 2016.
Students Excused from Daily Attendance at School - Ministerial Instruction No 47/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-Instructions; attend; daily; Attendance; StudentsTASED-1797567314-8206Ministerial Instruction
10/8/2019 10:55 AMDoE Infosheet
Tasmanian eSchool Enrolment Criteria9/18/2012Yes9/18/2012enrolment; Blended Learning; eschool; enrolTASED-4-1720Policy Supporting Information