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8/8/2019 8:57 AMDoE Guideline
ASK Program - 2019 Guidelines2/4/2019Yes2/4/2019ask; program; Aboriginal; GuidelinesTASED-1797567314-10055Guideline; Policy Supporting Information
2/14/2020 2:15 PMDoE Policy
This document Behaviour Standards and Code of Conduct for Chaplains in Tasmanian Government Schools provides advice to Chaplains about the provision of chaplaincy services in Tasmanian Government Schools
Behaviour Standards and Code of Conduct for Chaplains in Tasmanian Government Schools2/14/2020Yes1/16/2020ChaplainTASED-1797567314-10980Policy Supporting Information
2/20/2020 9:12 AMDoE Guideline
Chaplaincy Services in Tasmanian State Schools Policy9/18/2012Yes9/18/2012GuidelineTASED-4-1722Guideline; Policy Supporting Information
2/20/2020 9:21 AMDoE Policy
Chaplaincy Services in Tasmanian State Schools Procedure2/20/2020Yes2/20/2020ChaplainTASED-1797567314-10995Procedure
10/7/2019 10:25 AMDoE Procedure
Grievances Procedure for Parents and the Community9/18/2012Yes9/18/2012grievance; community; parent; GuidelineTASED-4-1725Policy Supporting Information; Procedure
8/23/2019 1:14 PMDoE Guideline
Conducting Research Guidelines7/27/2012Yes7/27/2012GuidelineTASED-4-1231Guideline
9/9/2019 10:17 AMDoE Policy
Partnering with External Organisations - Policy7/25/2014Yes7/25/2014partnering; partnerships; External Organisations; MOUTASED-4-4947Policy
9/9/2019 10:29 AMDoE Procedure
Partnering with External Organisations Procedures7/25/2014Yes7/25/2014partnerships; external organisation; partnering; MOUTASED-4-4948Procedure
8/19/2019 12:53 PMDoE Policy
Specifies the requirements for delivering religious instruction when a State school chooses to offer religious instruction.
Religious Instruction in a State School -  Secretary's Instruction No 8 7/10/2017Yes7/10/2017instruction; religious; Secretarys-Instruction; state schoolTASED-1797567314-8189Secretarys Instruction; Policy Supporting Information
1/16/2020 2:15 PMDoE Policy
This policy reflects the Department's policy and process for respectful behaviour for volunteers at and visitors to state schools and school activities.
Respectful School Volunteer and Visitor Behaviour Policy and Procedure6/4/2018Yes6/4/2018behaviour; acceptable; Respectful; harrassment; bullying; visitor; VolunteerTASED-1797567314-9276Policy
7/8/2019 1:51 PMDoE Policy
Outlines the process a school association must follow in order to apply for approval to undertake a restricted activity.
School Associations - Ministerial Instruction No 127/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Ministerial-Instructions; committee; school associationTASED-1797567314-8204Ministerial Instruction; Policy
10/4/2019 8:10 AMDoE Policy
Directions for the formation, operation and administration of school associations.
School Associations - Secretary's Instruction No 77/10/2017Yes7/10/2017Association; Secretarys-Instruction; school associationTASED-1797567314-8190Secretarys Instruction; Policy Supporting Information
8/19/2019 3:07 PMDoE Policy
Sets out the matters that a Principal is to take into account in developing a dress code for the students at the school.
State School Student Dress Code - Secretary's Instruction No 67/10/2017Yes7/10/2017dress code; State; Secretarys-Instruction; PolicyTASED-1797567314-8192Policy; Secretarys Instruction
2/4/2020 4:50 PMDoE Policy
This Policy outlines the requirements for dress code and uniforms at State schools.
Student Dress Code and Uniform Policy5/14/2018Yes5/14/2018uniform; dress; clothing; dress code; PolicyTASED-1797567314-9236Policy