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4/15/2020 3:12 PMDoE Policy
Employment Application Guidelines PDF11/1/2019Yes3/5/2019new employee; jobs; Application; Employment; Guideline; applyTASED-4-1313Guideline; Policy Supporting Information
4/20/2020 1:18 PMDoE Policy
Employment Principles11/30/2013Yes8/24/2016employment principles; employment; principles; State Service; meritTASED-4-1740Procedure; Policy Supporting Information
11/7/2019 2:27 PMDoE Policy
This policy sets out the broad principles to be applied by and to all Tasmanian State Service officers and employees in relation to the offer, acceptance or refusal of a gift, benefit or hospitality.
Gifts Benefits and Hospitality PolicyYes11/22/2016conflict of interest; gifts benefits; ethical conduct; hospitality.; benefits; giftsTASED-4-3886Policy
10/7/2019 10:25 AMDoE Procedure
Grievances Procedure for Parents and the Community9/18/2012Yes9/18/2012grievance; community; parent; GuidelineTASED-4-1725Policy Supporting Information; Procedure
9/13/2018 10:46 AMDoE Guideline
Infostream Submission Guidelines5/15/2014Yes5/15/2014GuidelineTASED-4-1708Guideline
9/9/2019 10:29 AMDoE Procedure
Partnering with External Organisations Procedures7/25/2014Yes7/25/2014partnerships; external organisation; partnering; MOUTASED-4-4948Procedure
7/29/2019 1:47 PMDoE Guideline
PEIRS Brochure12/9/2013Yes6/20/2017homestay; isolated; pre-service; rural schools; professional experience; PEIRS; TeachersTASED-4-1153Policy Supporting Information
6/11/2020 12:04 PMDoE Procedure
Procedures for Planning Off Campus Activities1/28/2019Yes1/7/2019SWIMMING; Major Excursions; Rope Courses; Rock Climbing; Rafting; Mountain Biking; Skorkelling; Diving; Caving; kayaking; Canoeing; Camping; bushwalking; Walkathons; Surfing; Small Wheel Sports; Orienteering; Horse riding; Four Wheel Driving; Fishing; Cycle Touring; sailing; Boating; Adventure Activities; excursions; Off Campus Acitivites; minor excursions; risk managementTASED-4-1765Procedure; Policy Supporting Information
7/10/2020 12:05 PMDoE Document
Professional Experience in Isolated and Rural Schools (PEIRS Program)11/29/2013Yes1/11/2018professional experience; professional; PIERS; isolated; ruralTASED-4-1154Policy Supporting Information
4/16/2020 3:23 PMDoE Policy
To highlight DoEs commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children and other vulnerable people on DoE premises
Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Policy10/16/2017Yes3/19/2019vulnerable; RWVP; registration; PolicyTASED-1797567314-8803Policy